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Top Performance - Developing Excellence in Self and Others

  • The Art of Top Performance

  • The Science of Living a Complete Existence

  • Maximizing your Spiritual Potential

  • Setting the Boundaries of Accountability and Discipline

  • Coaching

  • Replicating by Sowing Seeds of Grandeur

  • Lifting Up the Least Likely

  • Giving More than you Have and Keeping Less than you Need


MALA Ministries has access to myriad approaches that will allow you to learn from businessmen who have practiced and modeled the golden rule to great acclaim and accomplishment. By learning "why" the principles of the Good News work in all facets of existence, it is easier to document the specific "how" that pertains to your own journey.


Molding a Leader's Attitude

  • Identifying the Qualities of a Solid Foundation

  • Designing the Picture Created for You

  • Isolating the Wisdom that We Need to Affirm

  • Learning to Hope through Promise

  • Relating with the Given Blessings

  • Setting and Achieving Permanent Goals


The Board of Directors of our ministry has initiated a counseling platform that complements and supplements the goal of marketplace effectiveness. It is imperative to realize in the secular world we live in, that sometimes it is easier to belong to this world than live as if we are just renting space until we experience the glory of eternity. Licensed counselors are available to consult with you as needed.

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